Bill Morrissey Discography

1984 Bill Morrissey
1986 North
1989 Standing Eight
1991 Bill Morrissey (recording of first album)
1992 Inside
1993 Friend of Mine (with Greg Brown)
1993 Night Train
1996 You’ll Never Get to Heaven
1999 Songs of Mississippi John Hurt
2001 Something I Saw or Thought I Saw
2004 The Essential Collection
2007 Come Running

Singles on Albums:

1982 Small Town on the River Fast Folk Number 103
1984 Night Shift Fast Folk Number 110
1985 Married Man Fast Folk Number 201
1986 My Old Town Rounder Folk
1989 Handsome Molly Legacy Windham Hill
1989 Married Man Ben and Jerry’s Newport Folk Festival ’88 Live
1993 Summer Night WUMB Circles in the Stream, Volume 1
1994 She’s that Kind of Mystery On A Winter’s Night Philo/Rounder 1167
1994 Birches Philo So Far Philo 1161 and Rounder AN 12
1995 Picnic The Silverwolf Homeless Project
1997 Letter from Heaven Folk Live from Mountain Stage
1999 Inside (Live Version) Touring Troubadours (Rounder)
1999 Shake That Thing Touring Troubadours (Rounder)
2001 Just Before We Lost the War New Music Made in New Englandd (Rounder)
2001 Fix Your Hair the Way You Used to (Live recording) New Music Made in New England)

Appears with others on their albums:

1994 Buster Poindexter’s album, Buster’s Happy Hour sang Drunk with Buster

1996 Peter Nelson’s album The Restless Boys Club sang Let’s Get Some Beers with Pete Nelson

1997 Bob Martin’s album, The River Turns the Wheel sang background vocals on Goin’ Home

2001 Peter Case’s tribute to Mississippi John Hurt–sang Pay Day

Bill Morrissey produced the following albums:

1991 Peter Keane The Goodnight Blues
1992 Ellis Paul Say Something
1996 Peter Keane Walkin’ Around
2002 Karaugh Brown One Round Orange