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7 Foods That Boost Brain Function

Eating brain boosting food is right for your mental and physical health. Just like other vital organs of your body, the mind requires nutrients to function optimally. But most people do not know the foods that are very useful when it comes to keeping the grey matter happy as well as healthy. Below are suggestions for brain boosting food that you should consider including in your diet. Fish Most fish are loaded with essential fatty acids that are not produced by the body. You can only get them in the diet.¬†Omega three is present in oily fish in the form of DHA and EPA. Apart from getting omega three¬†fatty acids in fish, you can also obtain them from plants like flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, soya beans, walnuts just to mention a few. These fats have been proven to be effective at enhancing brain function, heart, and joint health. What is even interesting about the EPA and DHA forms of omega three fatty acids is that they are quickly used by the body. Pumpkin seeds Pumpkin seeds are very nutritious because they contain lots of zinc. If you are not aware studies, show that zinc is a valuable mineral that enhances memory function as well as thinking abilities. And that is not all. These tiny seeds are full of stress relieving magnesium, tryptophan, and vitamin B. Tryptophan is the precursor of serotonin that improves mood. Tomatoes There is sufficient evidence to prove that lycopene, a potent antioxidant present in tomatoes can help prevent the damage to cells caused by free radicals that cause dementia, especially Alzheimers. So start cooking your meals with fresh vegetables to boost brain function without much struggle. Brocolli Brocolli is another food that boosts brain function significantly. It is full of choline, and vitamin K. Choline is well known for promoting brain development and can also help in retrieving stored memories. On the flipside, vitamin K is necessary for developing and strengthening cognitive function. Consume lots of organic broccoli to boost you choline and vitamin K intake. Red meat Consume lots of grass-fed beef to improve brain function. It is rich in vitamin B 12 that is great for brain function. It is also essential when it comes to maintaining brain health. Apart from boosting brain power and memory vitamin B 12 has even been proven to improve moods. Avocado This creamy food is a brilliant source of an antioxidant by the name vitamin E. Research shows that foods that are rich in vitamin E like avocado are also high in another potent antioxidant by the name vitamin C. Vitamin C will reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Blueberries You should eat blueberries daily. You can include them in your oatmeal or shake. They are tasty and sweet and loaded with lots of antioxidants. They are packed with vitamin K, C, fiber and gallic acid which makes them good at protecting the brain from degeneration and stress. Studies reveal that taking lots of blueberries can boost memory and focus for more than five hours after intake. So include them in your diet and show the exam which is the boss.