Hot tub maintenance

Maintaining your hot tub on a regular basis is quite essential in ensuring that your spa operates optimally and lasts long. Most of the maintenance tasks are not very demanding and are things that you can do on your own. This, however, may be subjective to the type and size of the spa. An inflatable hot tub for one person, for example, should be quite easy and inexpensive to maintain. The duration between each maintenance will depend on the specific maintenance task that you are doing. Some of the most important tasks that you have to do as maintenance are highlighted below.

How to maintain your hot tub

Daily tasks

The maintenance tasks that need to be carried out on a daily basis are mainly for ensuring that the water quality remains the same. For that, you have to check the sanitizer and PH levels. Doing so is quite easy as all you need is to dip a test strip that is color coded into the water. If everything seems to be okay, you will be done with the daily maintenance task. However, if the sanitizer or PH levels need to be adjusted, you will have to use the proper additives to ensure that the levels are back to normal. Good sanitizer and PH levels help to prevent scaling, skin irritation, corrosion, mineral buildup, and cloudy water.

Weekly tasks

Shocking is the main task that needs to be scheduled for every week. It refers to hitting the tub with an extra strong dose of bromine or chlorine sanitizer. It helps to keep the water in the tub clean and crystal clear. The other weekly tasks will vary depending on how often you use the hot tub and the type of water in it. If you use it regularly, for example, you may experience a problem with foaming. Adding foam reducer will easily solve the problem. If there is high mineral content in the water in your area, you can consider using a de-scaling agent every week.

Periodic maintenance

There are a few other maintenance tasks which you should carry out just a few times every year to make sure that the tub operates efficiently. If you live in a place where the mineral content of water is low, you will not have to de-scale the spa on a weekly basis. However, it is still important that you do it every once in a while to ensure that there is no mineral buildup in the hoses, pumps, and walls of the tub. You should also remove and clean the main filters of the hot tub periodically. You may also consider draining the hot tub and refilling it a few times each year to ensure optimal quality is maintained.