Choosing LED light bars for your car

LED light bars are strips of LED lights that are easily installed on a car. The bars are energy efficient highly durable and lightweight. They also have a life expectancy of thousands of hours. LED light bars are useful in various ways but have become popular in supplementing the headlights of your vehicle. They work perfectly in lighting dimly lit areas in front of the car and add distance illumination at the same time.

Motorist usually appreciate additional safety they get from these lights and the aesthetics they come with. These lights are long life since they do not depend on filaments to light up, has a minimal emission of heat, efficient consumption thus no battery dry. Even with these benefits, you will still need to ensure you get the best for your vehicle and some considerations can help you make the correct choice.


The bars are also available mainly in the square, rectangular and round shapes. The shape you choose will affect the distribution of light and will also determine how you will mount it on the car and the best place to mount the LED lighting bar on the car. Know how and where before you choose a shape that best suits your needs.shape


The off-road light bars come in different lengths normally form 6 to 50 inches. When looking the correct size of the bar, ensure you take into consideration how the mounting will look on your car. This is a simple consideration that will lead to choosing the right size of bar lighting.


Beam angle

For long reaching driving and lighting on the road, the best choice for you is the spot beams. For off-road driving and work site which require wide illumination, you will need a flood beam. You have the option of choosing a combination of patterns to serve your needs when driving.


LED light bars may be amber, blue, white red white or amber white. Your personal preference can lead you to the color of your choice. Remember however that all these lights come with their benefits and limitations. For example, white light bars are the brightest and at the same time the most blinding. Weigh options and settle for the color you find functional and suitable.


brightnessThe brightness of an LED light bar is measured in lumens, and this varies from one type to another like with any other light bulb. You need to know the amount of light you need, and this will guide you in choosing the suitable brightness

LED lights make great choices when looking for lights for your car. Ensure you also buy from reputable dealers and consider all these options before choosing your LED light bar.…