Tips for grilling frozen meat

Meat is a typical delicacy served to individuals from diverse cultures. There is a step by step way in which frozen meat should be grilled. If the individual carrying out the grilling follows these steps, the result is without a doubt a delicious meal. The tips for grilling frozen meat are included in the discussion below.

How to grill frozen meat

Freeze it in the right way

The process of how the meat is frozen plays a big part in the success of the grilling process. For there to be the lost surface area of the meat exposed to the grill grates, the meat should be frozen on a completely flat surface, to begin with. This can be assured by buying meat that is perfectly flat. The meat should then be transferred into redeemable freezer bags. All the air should be pressed out of the bags, and after that, the bag should be sealed. The individual grilling should also endure that the meat does not stay in the icebox for too long. This might result in freezer burn which will result in the meat tasting poorly. If the wrapping of the meat is done properly, this will also prevent freezer burn for three to six months in the average freezer used in homes.

Use thick-cut meat

This works ok properly when the steaks are one to one and a half inches thick. It is not recommended to cook frozen thinner steaks because the interiors of the steaks can overcook before the exteriors turn to the brown that is considered standard. This also applies to pork chops.

Set up a two-zone grill

When the individual grilling sets up a two-zone fire to cook the frozen steak, this means that he or she is creating two areas on the grill. The first one is for direct, high heat, while the other one is for indirect, lower heat. These two areas enable the meat to be properly seared until it is caramelized nicely after which the meat is moved to the cooler side where it looks through to perfection.

Sear the meat, season it, then cook through

The frozen meat should first be seared on the direct-heat side of the grill until the exteriors have a caramelized crust. This should be done to both sides. But before This, the meat should be properly seasoned with salt and pepper and additional spices when necessary. After searing the steak, it should be moved to the indirect-heat side of the grill to cook the interior properly. Thereafter, the stark should rest for a short time so that the juices get evenly distributed before it is served.…