How to buy the Best Bong

The experience of smoking using a bong is far much better than rolling a cigarette. First, a bong filters the smoke from the product. A bong is fitted with water filters and dissolves every toxic substance. This ensures that one just smokes pure product.

The smoke from the product is cooled by the same water, and the effect is smoke is cooler and less harmful. Warm smoke leads to excess production of mucus. These are just about the advantages of using a bong. It is therefore advisable for everyone who smokes to consider buying a personal bong.

Buying a bong, however, is not an easy assignment. Users are not sure of what to look out for in the shop. A website for vortex bongs may not give you the precise information on how to buy the best vortex bong. These are tips on buying the best bong.

Size of the bong

any size will do the jobThe size is the biggest physical property of a bong. This attribute is conspicuous and very important before buying a bong. The size will depend on many things. The bigger the item, the more expensive it will cost. Before buying a bong consider the size you want.

A smaller bong is appropriate for people who want to buy the product for domestic purposes. They are less expensive. The smaller the bong, the more it can filter toxic. This is because water is concentrated in one region and smoke is forced to pass through the region.

However, such an item needs regular repairs and emptying of the water. If the intended use of the item for lending out, consider buying a bigger product. There are big bongs that can be used by more than one person. They are the best for parties and clubs.

The price of the item

Assuming a normal demand curve, low priced commodities will attract more customer than high price products. The price is the limit factor in the theory of demand and supply. However, the purchase of the product assumes an abnormal trend where high priced products are purchased more than the lowly priced goods.

This is because most customers associate low price with poor quality and high price with high quality. A customer would rather spend more on a product and buy a product that will serve the purpose for the intended number of years. The price is not a perfect factor to consider when buying any products. Sometimes the dealer may take advantage of this notion to charge more on products.


Sometimes a product can have some defects from the manufacturing process. A warranty agreement provides for the return or compensation of the buyer if the product performs below the recommended standards. Normally the company contracts another company to work as an agent of the manufacturer.

The complaint should be made to the sellers. The sellers then pass the complaint to the contracted company. The company will make necessary arrangement for the compensation of the customer. Never buy an item without a warranty.